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Listening to music when I’m writing is tricky: too engaging and I can’t focus on making words. I definitely prefer a groove playing in the background of the trippy-lounge variety. If that music mimics a heartbeat… oh, is that the song for me. It gets my brain rolling, but in a creative-energized way, allowing me to multitask my thoughts and (hopefully) get the words on the page.

Lately, I’ve been reliving my navel-gazing New Wave days of my youth after stumbling across an old favorite CD. And since you know how much I love the Pomodoro, I thought I’d put together some mixes for us that are Pomodoro length. It’s like the days of Musical Chairs: write when it plays, stop when it stops. Easy, right?

I’ve put together 4 mixes for us, each roughly 30 minutes long. One is almost 40, but that’s because Fascination Street by the Cure is a perfect jam. If you disagree, I respectfully think you’re a doo doo head.

These should make clear that I’m a an old lounge-club rat. Gimmie the trance jams, man. And fun fact about all the Cocteau Twins stuff, if you’re not familiar: one, this is the most absorbable album. Two, they’re saying nonsense words. Which is perfect to let wash over you as you write your own.

Like it? Hate it? Wanna use it? Feel free to talk at me (and feel free to share your own mix with the group! Sharing is caring.)

NOW GO MAKE SOME WORDS. (Go here to listen.)

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