If you’re anything like me, you need something to look forward to. I can very easily feel lost in the shuffle of life, what with the stress of living and doing for other people (this is what it is to be a mother, let me just tell you straight up), and without something on the horizon that’s just for me, a goal, a trip, something, I can get that very small feeling. You know the one, where you could curl up and disappear?

So let’s kick that feeling in the lady box and put some writing submissions and competitions on our horizons! A two-for-one thing, where you feed your soul by stringing together words and you maybe feed your wallet with some earnings.



First, I want to mention that my publisher, Interlude Press, has just opened for short story submissions. A bunch of winners will be printed in an anthology of short stories next summer. This is a great way to get your name in with a hungry and well-oiled machine of a publishing house for that novel you might be working on, too! Everyone has a short story in them. The question you should always ask yourself: WHY NOT YOU?



  • They must be between 5,000 – 15,000 words
  • They must be LGBT in lead character
  • They must be based off the theme “Summer Love.” The nice thing is that you can interpret that how you want.
  • You have until September 2014 to get your piece polished up nice and sparkly.
  • (It should go without saying that they should also be proofread and cleaned up to the very best of your ability. That was actually a question they’ve received. Don’t EVER submit anything you’ve written without bleeding edits all over the page. Don’t ever. Trust me.)

For details, click here. And be sure to read their FAQ; the questions you may have for them might already be answered. Get ahead of the curve and knock their socks off with your professionalism!


Do you prefer writing horror/creepy short stories? Get them polished up ASAP and send them to Haunted Waters, who is actively looking for new writers for both fiction and nonfiction.

Is Screenplay more your bag? Are you a teenager? Then you’re in luck, because Teen America is sponsoring a competition with a $5000 prize and $0 entry fee. More information here.

Hey, I’m not a teen, so what about me? I mean, I want to write a sitcom about an even number of ladies and gents with an international bent. WELL YOU ARE IN LUCK, PARDNER. And you have plenty of time to polish this up, given the submission start date is Jan. 15, 2015. Get cracking!

But Laura, you might be saying, I’m a genre writer. I’m all about mystery/sci-fi/true crime/whatever. What about me? OKAY, HERE YOU GO. Plus this has a long lead in for you to have plenty of time to really polish your work.

Maybe none of these are a good fit for you. That’s okay! Maybe you’re a hard, gritty novelist. Maybe you’re an absurdist. Or maybe you just like writing and you don’t feel the need to share. That’s okay, too.

Remember the following:

  • Getting words on the paper is what’s important.
  • You can always go back and edit/flesh out more/cut away
  • A sculptor needs something to sculpt, after all
  • EVERYONE has 25 minutes a day. That’s all  you need at minimum to knock out that word count day by day.
  • If you have another 25 minutes, take it [Lather, rinse, repeat]
  • You don’t have to have it all figured out every time you sit down
  • You just have to want to write


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