Now that my book’s release is upon us, I’m going on a book tour through the cat-clogged tubes that make up the internet–what a time to be alive!

Each day for the next two weeks I’ll be popping in to various websites to answer questions (they know I’m coming; I’m not being a creep), to brace myself for independent reviews, and best of all: promote a Gift Card Giveaway! Every time you follow me on this tour you’ll have a chance to enter on that site’s raffle jar for free eBooks–mine–or a $25 gift card for any book Interlude Press has. FREE. And you just have to click.

Fun fact: every interview and blog post is different, because I don’t want to bore you. I’ll add the link to the day’s interview and/or review to the schedule below when each day’s interview goes up. But I mean, this is me; I’m going to try and keep you laughing and/or interested. And everywhere I go, YOUR QUESTIONS are welcomed! I’ll be checking into each site throughout the day to chat, answer questions (42, the answer is always 42) and walk you through brain surgery. I’M A HELPER, IT’S WHAT I DO.


Mon Nov 17: Sharing Links & Wisdom Snip! Paul Lynde & Jesus are my make believe party pals.
Tues Nov 18: Our Wolves Den Snip! People in my real life end up in my books. Suckers!
Wed Nov 19: Carly’s Book Review Review, plus me chatting about taking chances.
Thur Nov 20: Coffee, Books & Art Snip! Loving, accepting families are the best. Also: testicles.
Fri      Nov 21: Books on Silver Wings Snip! Music–makes the people–come together. [Yeah!]
Mon Nov 24: Wickedly Wanton Tales Snip! I love couples who enhance one another. LOVE.
Tues Nov 25: Prism Book Alliance Snip!: Book of Mormon,The Musical is the best show ever.
Wed Nov 26: Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words Snip! Write what you WANT to know.
Wed Nov 26: Paranormal Romance & Authors Who Rock Fact: I do not! [Review]
Thur Nov 27: The Reading Addict Snip! My most perfect date of all time was inspiration for… 🙂
Fri     Nov 28: Mad Hoydenish Snip! Fantasy casting–also your last chance to enter my giveaway!

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