I’ll trade you a click for a chance to win not only a copy of The Bones of You [link is to an excerpt] but win other free books (a grand prize of every book from 2014-2015 from Interlude Press, even), artwork, toys and more. So much more…

Okay, not so much more, just a little more, but the operative word here is MORE. As in something you didn’t have, and then you DO have. For the low low price of nada. Super duper sweet.


Also, next Tuesday (that’s the 22nd) I’ll be on Google+ for a 24 hour Launch Party Interlude Press is hosting for its 2014-15 authors and for you — which is when the prizes will be announced. Want to talk to me at 5am CST while I wear my pajamas, yawn a lot, but get really excited about fandom and writing? Mark your calendar. Or hey, maybe you’d rather sleep in and wait until 11am CST to talk about writing and going pro? Mark…just mark you calendar. The whole day. Mark it. Big ol’ smiley face on the 22nd. Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you. (But I would love to hear your questions and chat!)


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