[good time intensifies]

[good time intensifies]

I am a child/teen of the 80s, which means I loved MTV, John Hughes movies and roller skating. There was a roller rink down the bottom of the hill that my parent’s house was on, and it was a buck to get in and get some shoes. Ah, the good ol’ days of wearing borrowed, sweaty, weirdly bumpy inside shoes.  If you were cool, you had your own. But they wouldn’t be lame boot-style, they’d be speed skates, low, black, with shocks built in, and you’d have fat, neon laces.

I had old-school white boots with red wheels, but they were mine. Then a growth spurt left me stuck with the old brown boots where one never fit right. If you managed to get a pair off the shelf that fit perfectly right off the bat, you’re probably a demon and we should end you. Look: I don’t support witchcraft or tomfoolery.*

*that’s a dirty lie. I think you’re amazing.

What was awesome was that in the early 90s, when I was in college in Mormon Land, no one drank or partied [that wasn’t the awesome part] so we had to be creative for fun. Naturally, we all dressed up in disco-era clothes and went rollerskating. As college kids do.

But because I was shy and derpy, I never got to experience the thrill of an all-couple’s skate, not one that wasn’t with my best friend or sister, that is. Those totally don’t count. They’re the “she’s my cousin from Canada” prom date equivalent. Those songs would come on and I would just ache, so shy, so unaware of how to seal the deal. I mean, when you can’t talk to boys, you can’t ask them to skate, right? But those songs…

This isn’t a comprehensive list by any stretch, but as I went through my iTunes, each of these songs stood out as ones I either skated to or wished I had skate to with a boy to whirl me around the floor. When I was in 7th grade, we had a “rollerskate” section in gym class, which meant we all piled in buses, drove 7 minutes to the rink on Forest Lane, and skated until we had to get back. I think almost all of these songs played.  Ah, the halcyon days of my youth…

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”http://8tracks.com/mixes/4197087″]

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So! Skate: yay or nay? And trust me when I say that skateboarding, while obviously not the same thing, was a total Yay for me. Different music for sure, but wow, do I still have a thing for skater boys. Lay it on me, I wanna hear your stories. I was the only one not making out in the dark corner behind the snack machine, huh?

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