It sucks that I can’t say more, but when I can, it will go here. And it’s exciting. I mean, it might not be for you, but it is for me. I’m not trying to say my feelings are more important than yours, just–

No, I’m not sayi–

Yes, you’re important to me. Of course you are! How can you–

OH MY GOD, YOU ALWAYS BRING THAT UP. Look, just tell me the number of times I need to say sorry so you can move past that, okay? Five? Nine more times?

Well, I don’t want to fight with you, either. I mean, I had reservations and plans and an announcement…

Yeah. To that place you love.

Well, I did it because I knew you loved it, that’s why. Because you’re important to me.

Oh. Oh. Well, ha, yes, we can just stay in if you’re going to be like that. Goodness, let me just– Oh my. Hee! This is why you’re my favorite.

Until I can say more, then like the Go Gos, my lips are sealed.

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