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Pre-Order Bitter Springs!

You won’t get it in your hot little hands until December 3, but you’ll be sure to have a copy ON December 3, especially if you order it straight from my publisher.

That’s the smart buy, and I’ll tell you why: when you buy a physical book from Interlude Press, they’ll also give you the eBook.  FOR FREE.  (And it’s a DRM-free eBook, which means you can put it on multiple devices!)  Pre-sales with IP are limited to the US and Canada, BUT! If you’re from outside North America, save your receipt from your purchase and IP–up until February–will give you a free eBook. Pretty rad.  Two books for the price of one.

Bitter Springs Gay Romance,Historical Romance Bitter Springs,LGBT Romance Bitter Springs

Of course you can order early from Amazon, but… They kind of don’t tally up pre-orders as one thing, so it ruins your Release Day numbers (which are really, really important). BUT YOU CAN. You can also tell your library about my book (give them the ISBN: 978-1-941530-55-9) and then that won’t cost you a penny, your library will have a shiny copy for you to read, and your librarian will thank you for adding a little more diversity to their shelves!

Be sure to get your copy!  (And stay tuned for a sneak peek, character insights and inspirations, and fun stuff about the Llano Estacado. <– NO REALLY, IT IS WONDERFUL THERE.)

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The Power of a Great Book Cover

I’ve made no bones (hurr) about loving the artwork that graces my first novel (oh, how I love the work CBM does!). One thing I especially appreciate about it (glance to the right to see it, or click here) is how it stands out from so many romance novel covers. Not that there’s anything wrong with what we’re used to seeing on romance novels–I’m pretty fond of them, truthfully–but from a marketing point of view, it’s pretty fantastic to have something stand out of the crowd.

My publisher, Interlude Press, is sort of making themselves known for their beautiful covers, and since it’s Trade Day Tuesday, I wanted to share some of the other amazing books (both the inside and outside) they’ve published.

LGBT Blog The Luckiest,gay blog the luckiest, gay literature the luckiestLook at this beauty, for example, artwork also done by the fab CBM. Now, if that isn’t an eye-catching image that immediately makes you want to touch the cover, I don’t know what is. (And I’m entranced by those feet. I can’t help it, it’s a thing. Handsome feet and hands are a thing with me. Don’t make this weird.)

It’s warm, it’s evocative, and it makes me already wonder what this little summertime trip is all about (don’t you just know this is a summer vacation book? And with this ongoing winter, I’m really ready to be warm and have a warm-weather read in my hands). This book will be released this summer, so stay tuned!


I’m not typically attracted to male gingers, Ron Weasley aside. (Come on. Weasley is my King.) It all goes back to be horribly rejected by a ginger years ago, so don’t take this personally. I say all of that because the next cover makes me want to denounce my anti-Ginger ways.

gay literature Zane Riley,Zane Riley LGBT literature,

I literally bit my lip and made a low noise, like, “hello fellas! What’s all this about?” Right away you know this is going to be a naughty romp, and I’m all in. ALL IN, FOLKS. (You can be, too!) What is Mr. Leather sleeve doing to Sir Freckle Moan?* I don’t know, but I want to find out.

* not their actual names. I assume.

Even more beauties (and links to get them in YOUR hands) are under the cut:

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It’s Here!

[Click here to order from Amazon.com, here for Barnes & Noble, or if you’re international, you can now purchase from your country’s Amazon or B&N! Ask any indie bookseller to get you a copy, if you prefer keeping the little guys open. And as always, check your local library. If they don’t have it, they’ll get it!]

Photo on 11-18-14 at 5.02 PM

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Trade Day Tuesday – Enter to Win a Free Copy of my Book

I’ll trade you a click for a chance to win not only a copy of The Bones of You [link is to an excerpt] but win other free books (a grand prize of every book from 2014-2015 from Interlude Press, even), artwork, toys and more. So much more…

Okay, not so much more, just a little more, but the operative word here is MORE. As in something you didn’t have, and then you DO have. For the low low price of nada. Super duper sweet.


Also, next Tuesday (that’s the 22nd) I’ll be on Google+ for a 24 hour Launch Party Interlude Press is hosting for its 2014-15 authors and for you — which is when the prizes will be announced. Want to talk to me at 5am CST while I wear my pajamas, yawn a lot, but get really excited about fandom and writing? Mark your calendar. Or hey, maybe you’d rather sleep in and wait until 11am CST to talk about writing and going pro? Mark…just mark you calendar. The whole day. Mark it. Big ol’ smiley face on the 22nd. Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you. (But I would love to hear your questions and chat!)


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Tit for Tat: Tuesday Trade Day!


So here’s how this works: I’ll start us off with some things I think are great, things I want you to know about, and then you have at it in the comments. Got a blog/project/box of kittens you want people to know about? Great! BUT. You have to share something totally unrelated to you, first. Someone else’s blog, someone else’s project, someone else’s box of kittens. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

First off, I have to get the word out on my awesome buddy who does amazing things in the world, Matt Paxton. (Yeah, the Flat Cat Matt of A&E Hoarders fame!) Read on!

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