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Throwback Thursday – Soundtrack for TBoY

As we get closer to the release date (Tuesday, November 18th!), I thought I’d go back to how I actually wrote this monster, which was to a specific soundtrack. Am I the only one who does this? I “cast” characters in my head, locations, and then have to layer on a soundtrack like it’s a movie. And then I write. And honestly, this is one of my most favorite soundtracks/playlists that I’ve ever put together. And if you pay attention, the entire story is told here. Spoiler alert? Ha ha.

Reminder that you can pre-order my book from my publisher’s store, from, Barnes&Noble, or ask your friendly Indie book seller to get you a copy (even better, because those come on the pretty cream paper instead of Amazon’s Bright White).  There’s still some time left to enter my Goodreads Giveaway and win a free copy!

And now, some tunes.

[8tracks url=”” ]

(Click for the link, in case the module isn’t working)  Below is the tracklisting, and you should buy all of these albums, for they are stellar. Continue reading

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Writing Wednesday – Musical Chairs-Writing Ed.

pretty desk

Listening to music when I’m writing is tricky: too engaging and I can’t focus on making words. I definitely prefer a groove playing in the background of the trippy-lounge variety. If that music mimics a heartbeat… oh, is that the song for me. It gets my brain rolling, but in a creative-energized way, allowing me to multitask my thoughts and (hopefully) get the words on the page.

Lately, I’ve been reliving my navel-gazing New Wave days of my youth after stumbling across an old favorite CD. And since you know how much I love the Pomodoro, I thought I’d put together some mixes for us that are Pomodoro length. It’s like the days of Musical Chairs: write when it plays, stop when it stops. Easy, right? Continue reading

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Writing Wednesday – Music of Pain edition

Not country music (Xander Harris in the house!) or music that hurts your ears, because that is a terrible thing to do to yourself. Yes, I mean both bad music AND country music. Oxymoron? Look, I live in Texas. I’ve had country music inflicted on me since birth. A few outlier songs aside…


It’s far better to listen to the stuff that reaches into your ribcage and crushes your heart, pulverizes your ability to function. Or, you know, gives you a case of the sads/helps your brain think in that manner. I don’t actually want Mola Ram to offer your physical organ up to Shiva.

Listening to music when I write is a tricky thing. It’s either a total nuisance and keeps me from thinking, or it’s perfect, and I practically need it to get the scene on the page. There are two types of scenes in which the latter is true… Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday – Roller Rink Edition

[good time intensifies]

[good time intensifies]

I am a child/teen of the 80s, which means I loved MTV, John Hughes movies and roller skating. There was a roller rink down the bottom of the hill that my parent’s house was on, and it was a buck to get in and get some shoes. Ah, the good ol’ days of wearing borrowed, sweaty, weirdly bumpy inside shoes.  If you were cool, you had your own. But they wouldn’t be lame boot-style, they’d be speed skates, low, black, with shocks built in, and you’d have fat, neon laces.

I had old-school white boots with red wheels, but they were mine. Then a growth spurt left me stuck with the old brown boots where one never fit right. If you managed to get a pair off the shelf that fit perfectly right off the bat, you’re probably a demon and we should end you. Look: I don’t support witchcraft or tomfoolery.*

*that’s a dirty lie. I think you’re amazing. Continue reading

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