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AND IT CAME TO PASS: release day is here!

I’m so excited to birth this baby into the world…

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New Release on May 18th, AND IT CAME TO PASS

My third novel. I’m so proud of this one–it’s based off a short story of mine from almost ten years ago. I wrote it for a family member who is deeply closeted with no sign of coming out, and honestly, for myself and for other LGBT Mormons I knew. Over the next few months, I’ll have a lot to say about how the LDS church treats its LGBTQ members (short story: it’s not good) and how I tried to walk the line between being respectful of the members of a religion who are just doing their best and openly criticising rules and mindsets that are doing real damage to a significant number of people.

For the record, Utah is leading the nation in teen suicide, and the vast majority of those teens are LGBTQ. It’s a horrific statistic. I feel like now more than ever a book that depicts the reality of life as a devout Mormon and how challenging coming out can be (with both positive and negative outcomes), this book needs to be. And it is!

May 18th. You can currently pre-order AND IT CAME TO PASS at Target, as they’re using our publishing house, Interlude Press, to “test” the market for literature featuring LGBTQ protagonists. And even better, they’re offering it at a massive discount off the cover price as a pre-order (with no detriment to me or my publisher!).

Stay tuned, and in particular look for “Mormon Mondays” with upcoming podcasts, interviews, and more.LGBT Mormons,November Policy,gay mormons,gay LDS

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And that’s a GO

I had a fantastically productive meeting with my editor/publisher today.  My story about two LDS missionaries who discover their feelings for one another while serving, a story that has languished on my computer for years and went through a few rounds in my writing group back in 2009 [yeesh, I’m getting old!], is moving along at a faster clip to get published.  I’ll have some ARCs/Galleys for April’s RTConvention in Vegas, 2016, and we should be set to get it widely available come Summer, 2016. I love this story so much, and can’t wait to share it.

I also got the green light for a FREE story, a sort of spin-off about one character in BITTER SPRINGS.  I’ve been really worried about this one for a multitude of reasons.  It’s about Two Spirits, it’s about Mescalero Apaches, and I’m a white woman. I have to be 1000% certain to be respectful of other cultures here, because goodness knows Native Americans haven’t been treated with much respect, let alone Two Spirits.  Understand that the term “Two Spirit” is the adopted modern term, as it wasn’t called that in the time that BITTER SPRINGS is set, but for modern talking with you purposes, that’s what I’m referring to.

(If you’re interested, according to my Mescalero Apache resource, Tsá-Cho, our protagonist, would have been referred to as nde’isdzan.  The Navajo (a sort of sister language) would have called him nádleehé.  There’s your fun, informative trivia for the day.

Now [cracks knuckles], time to get to work.

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