Mormon Mondays – Church Dances Vol 1

It’s funny to me that the exterior shots of Footloose were shot in Lehi, UT (the giant roller-mills of the LDS Church’s grain silos feature heavily), because Mormons love dancing. Love it! BYU has a terrific ballet-dance program, for example. But the real proof is the main activity for the youth on the weekends: church dances. When you live in a heavily Mormon-populated area, the different Stakes (think of a Catholic Diocese) will even schedule their dances so that there’s one Friday and Saturday night, every weekend of the month.

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Throwback Thursday – Roller Rink Edition

I am a child/teen of the 80s, which means I loved MTV, John Hughes movies and roller skating. There was a roller rink down the bottom of the hill that my parent’s house was on, and it was a buck to get in and get some shoes. Ah, the good ol’ days of wearing borrowed, sweaty, weirdly bumpy inside shoes.  If you were cool, you had your own. But they wouldn’t be lame boot-style, they’d be speed skates, low, black, with shocks built in, and you’d have fat, neon laces.

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Writing Wednesday – STFUALMW* edition

*shut the f*ck up and let me write

Boy, not much frustrated me more than seeing loads of writer blogs telling me to just nut up and do it. Just find that hour in the morning, that yadda yadda in [whatever time of the day] and be like Nike: Just Do It. I usually thought to myself, “Self–” That’s what I call my Self. “–Self, that sounds like a dude who has a wife.” You know, someone who did all the stuff in the background so that guy could have that … Continue reading

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Tit for Tat: Tuesday Trade Day!


So here’s how this works: I’ll start us off with some things I think are great, things I want you to know about, and then you have at it in the comments. Got a blog/project/box of kittens you want people to know about? Great! BUT. You have to share something totally unrelated to you, first. Someone else’s blog, someone else’s project, someone else’s box of kittens. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

First off, I have Continue reading

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The Date Who Brought A Date To The Date

I want to preface this with the following: a) this is an excerpt from a memoir I’ve been writing about growing up fundamentalist Mormon, b) I told this story in a story slam and came in second–the guy who won told the story of how he shot and killed his abusive father (wow, I didn’t know we were going dark, bro!), and c) it is 100% completely factual with actual names, because f*ck that guy.

And now: my humiliations galore…

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Exciting Information To Come Here Soon

It sucks that I can’t say more, but when I can, it will go here. And it’s exciting. I mean, it might not be for you, but it is for me. I’m not trying to say my feelings are more important than yours, just–

No, I’m not sayi–

Yes, you’re important to me. Of course you are! How can you–

OH MY GOD, YOU ALWAYS BRING THAT UP. Look, just tell me the number of times I need to say sorry so you can move past that, okay? Five? Nine … Continue reading

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