Writing Wednesday – Motivation


If you’re anything like me, you need something to look forward to. I can very easily feel lost in the shuffle of life, what with the stress of living and doing for other people (this is what it is to be a mother, let me just tell you straight up), and without something on the horizon that’s just for me, a goal, a trip, something, I can get that very … Continue reading

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Mormon Monday – Subtle Cult (And Not So Subtle)

There was an article in the Atlantic this weekend about an evangelical offshoot with a charismatic leader whose wife committed suicide, which then led into the seven identifiable elements that make a cult.

Naturally I flashed back to my Mormon upbringing. I think the most telling thing I could share is that until I seriously began looking into the church’s history on my own–using outside sources, something that is key that we’ll get into–a lot of what is actually common historical knowledge was an absolute shock to me and to … Continue reading

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Friday Free For All – Tex-Mex Fest

I’m having a pool party tomorrow, which means I needed to try out some recipes before hand. It’s all in the name of science, of course. And everything turned out spectacular. Want a twist on a margarita? Avocado fries? You do, even if you think you don’t. (And if you don’t like tequila or avocados, this is probably not the post for you. Also, I don’t think I want to be friends.)

First up, cocktails! The Pepino Sandía-Rita (Cucumber-Watermelon Margarita.) Alternate name: Snakebite. [sound of maracas] Click for the recipe!

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Throwback Thursday – trends from my childhood

I have kids. Kids are expensive. It’s not even the doctor/maintenance stuff–which, don’t get me wrong, that’s expensive–but rather all the hoo-has you buy them to keep them entertained. I’m pretty even-keeled on what’s appropriate and what’s brat-inducing, but every so often a trend comes along, and the next thing you know, you have a huge plastic organizer for all the stupid Silly Bandz your fifth grader has acquired.

For me, it was scratch-n-sniff stickers.

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Writing Wednesday – Dialog

One of the best compliments I ever got in any of my college-level writing classes was that my dialog sounded like how people actually spoke to one another. Now, I love all of the feelings and thoughts that go through a character’s head, I love world-building like nobody’s business, but ultimately I dialog on the page. I want to hear people to whom I can relate.

The key word is “hear.”

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The Bones Of You – an excerpt

The Bones Of You, in bookstores November 2014

Oliver Andrews, an American getting his Masters abroad at Cambridge University, has kept his head down, focused on his education and promising career to the point where almost everything in his life before academia has fallen by the wayside. When a well-meaning friend sends him a particular video clip, the life that he’d so carefully built for himself begins to crumble. There are ex-boyfriends, and … Continue reading

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The announcement I’ve been sitting on for months…

…my first book with Interlude Press.

LGBT Novel The Bones of You,The Bones of You LGBT novel

“Do you have any idea how badly I want to kiss you right now?” Seth murmured.

Oliver’s heart gave an enormous, pained thump and with a choked cry, he leaned forward the mere inches between them, pressing their lips together. He felt Seth’s hand slide from his cheek to be buried in his … Continue reading

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Mormon Monday- Apocalypse Prep Camp Vol 1


This time of year gives me the biggest case of Wanderlust. Growing up, this was the month of camping, mostly with the church’s young women group, but also with family and friends, and when I was in college, by myself sometimes. There’s nothing like wearing yourself on a hike to somewhere beautiful, sitting still, and just enjoying it.

But that wasn’t how we camped in church camp. That was all about preparing for … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday – Sally Derg

Do you see this ridiculous face? That’s Sally Derg, our sweet German Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix, taken six years ago. In this picture she’s modeling the latest in anti-anxiety wear, a Thundershirt, and I can attest that they work! Not during tornadoes, though, which is a pity since I live in Tornado Alley.

We had to put this sweet girl down last month, and that’s an ache that doesn’t go. I’m just now able to talk about it without bursting into tears.

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Writing Wednesday – Music of Pain edition

Not country music (Xander Harris in the house!) or music that hurts your ears, because that is a terrible thing to do to yourself. Yes, I mean both bad music AND country music. Oxymoron? Look, I live in Texas. I’ve had country music inflicted on me since birth. A few outlier songs aside…


It’s far better to listen to the stuff that reaches into your ribcage and crushes your heart, pulverizes your ability to function. Or, you know, gives you … Continue reading

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