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Writing Wednesday – Writer’s Block


Let me just say this: writer’s block is bullshit. I’m not saying it is like, “it doesn’t exist,” because obviously it does. I’m saying that it’s a bullshit construct in your mind.

And you can kick it square in the baby-making biscuits. Continue reading

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Trade Day Tuesday – Enter to Win a Free Copy of my Book

I’ll trade you a click for a chance to win not only a copy of The Bones of You [link is to an excerpt] but win other free books (a grand prize of every book from 2014-2015 from Interlude Press, even), artwork, toys and more. So much more…

Okay, not so much more, just a little more, but the operative word here is MORE. As in something you didn’t have, and then you DO have. For the low low price of nada. Super duper sweet.


Also, next Tuesday (that’s the 22nd) I’ll be on Google+ for a 24 hour Launch Party Interlude Press is hosting for its 2014-15 authors and for you — which is when the prizes will be announced. Want to talk to me at 5am CST while I wear my pajamas, yawn a lot, but get really excited about fandom and writing? Mark your calendar. Or hey, maybe you’d rather sleep in and wait until 11am CST to talk about writing and going pro? Mark…just mark you calendar. The whole day. Mark it. Big ol’ smiley face on the 22nd. Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you. (But I would love to hear your questions and chat!)


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Mormon Monday – Not Angry, Just Disappointed

(This is seriously the best musical in the past decade.)

(This is seriously the best musical in the past decade.)

Oh, it’s good to be back home after a long vacation filled with lots and lots of driving. While traveling, I was contacted by an old acquaintance, a family member of a good friend from my LDS youth. As you do, we reconnected on Facebook, mutually followed each other, cooed over one another’s children, laughed at funny memes, that sort of thing. I genuinely like this person.

My previous post on my Mormon upbringing and how I look back on that now, however, struck a chord with her, and not in a good way. Specifically, umbrage was taken with me referring to the LDS church as a cult and claiming that many members are “blissfully ignorant.” Offense was taken at that term. And…I get it. Continue reading

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Writing Wednesday – Motivation


If you’re anything like me, you need something to look forward to. I can very easily feel lost in the shuffle of life, what with the stress of living and doing for other people (this is what it is to be a mother, let me just tell you straight up), and without something on the horizon that’s just for me, a goal, a trip, something, I can get that very small feeling. You know the one, where you could curl up and disappear?

So let’s kick that feeling in the lady box and put some writing submissions and competitions on our horizons! A two-for-one thing, where you feed your soul by stringing together words and you maybe feed your wallet with some earnings. Continue reading

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Mormon Monday – Subtle Cult (And Not So Subtle)

Official Mormon Story of a hot, barely dressed dude (Joseph Smith History 1: 31-32) visiting him in the night and making him promise not to tell.

Official Mormon Story of a hot, barely dressed dude (Joseph Smith History 1: 31-32- naked, exquisite and glorious are used to describe this “angel” of a man) visiting him in the night and making him promise not to tell anyone. Not shady at all, why would you think that was shady??

There was an article in the Atlantic this weekend about an evangelical offshoot with a charismatic leader whose wife committed suicide, which then led into the seven identifiable elements that make a cult.

Naturally I flashed back to my Mormon upbringing. I think the most telling thing I could share is that until I seriously began looking into the church’s history on my own–using outside sources, something that is key that we’ll get into–a lot of what is actually common historical knowledge was an absolute shock to me and to my close LDS friends. Well, we knew some of it, but we “knew” it wasn’t true. Because our church did a preemptive strike to tell us we’d hear things, but that it was Satan at work at to harden our hearts to those lies.

That’s…not healthy. That is exactly how I was raised, however.

Continue reading

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Friday Free For All – Tex-Mex Fest

I’m having a pool party tomorrow, which means I needed to try out some recipes before hand. It’s all in the name of science, of course. And everything turned out spectacular. Want a twist on a margarita? Avocado fries? You do, even if you think you don’t. (And if you don’t like tequila or avocados, this is probably not the post for you. Also, I don’t think I want to be friends.)

First up, cocktails! The Pepino Sandía-Rita (Cucumber-Watermelon Margarita.) Alternate name: Snakebite. [sound of maracas] Click for the recipe!

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Throwback Thursday – trends from my childhood

I have kids. Kids are expensive. It’s not even the doctor/maintenance stuff–which, don’t get me wrong, that’s expensive–but rather all the hoo-has you buy them to keep them entertained. I’m pretty even-keeled on what’s appropriate and what’s brat-inducing, but every so often a trend comes along, and the next thing you know, you have a huge plastic organizer for all the stupid Silly Bandz your fifth grader has acquired.

For me, it was scratch-n-sniff stickers.

Because sometimes you need a hit o'pickle, amirite?

Because sometimes you need a hit o’pickle, am I right?

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Writing Wednesday – Dialog

One of the best compliments I ever got in any of my college-level writing classes was that my dialog sounded like how people actually spoke to one another. Now, I love all of the feelings and thoughts that go through a character’s head, I love world-building like nobody’s business, but ultimately I dialog on the page. I want to hear people to whom I can relate.

The key word is “hear.” Continue reading

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The Bones Of You – an excerpt

The Bones Of You, in bookstores November 2014

Oliver Andrews, an American getting his Masters abroad at Cambridge University, has kept his head down, focused on his education and promising career to the point where almost everything in his life before academia has fallen by the wayside. When a well-meaning friend sends him a particular video clip, the life that he’d so carefully built for himself begins to crumble. There are ex-boyfriends, and then there are those who changed your life, who worked their way into the very marrow of your bones, redefining everything you thought you knew about yourself.

That would be Seth Larsen, the ethereal voice singing on Oliver’s computer, and apparently the new toast of Broadway. Seth, the boy who helped Oliver stand proud and come out, the man who now was causing Oliver’s life plan to shatter into a million pieces. Continue reading

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The announcement I’ve been sitting on for months…

…my first book with Interlude Press.

LGBT Novel The Bones of You,The Bones of You LGBT novel

“Do you have any idea how badly I want to kiss you right now?” Seth murmured.

Oliver’s heart gave an enormous, pained thump and with a choked cry, he leaned forward the mere inches between them, pressing their lips together. He felt Seth’s hand slide from his cheek to be buried in his hair, could feel Seth’s strong, lean chest pressed against his. Oliver held their bodies together tightly even as his mouth was still gentle on Seth’s, sliding softly over Seth’s lips, amazed that this was even happening.

Seth pulled back and pressed their foreheads together, his hand massaging Oliver’s scalp.”God, I’ve missed you so much, Oliver.”

“I know,” Oliver exhaled before kissing Seth again, all thoughts of being wary gone. He opened his mouth, moaning softly when Seth followed suit, splaying his hands across Seth’s back when their tongues touched, memories of all of the kisses they’d shared in the past coming back and speeding up their reconnection.

The Bones of You by Laura Stone
$19.99 print / $6.99 eBook bundle, available: November 18, 2014
US/Canada Pre-Order:, Barnes & Noble, Alibris, or ask your local Indie bookseller to get you a copy!

Oliver Andrews was wholly focused on the final stages of his education at Cambridge University when a well-meaning friend up-ended his world with a simple email attachment: a video from a U.S. morning show.

The moment he watches the video of his one-time love Seth Larsen, now a Broadway star, Oliver must begin making a series of choices that could lead him back to love… or break his heart.

The Bones of You is full of laughter and tears, with a collection of irritated Hungarians, flirtatious Irish women, and actors abusing Shakespeare coloring Oliver and Seth’s attempts at reconciliation.

US/Canada: Pre-order the print edition before November 18th at and receive the eBook bundle free. Pre-orders begin September 16th. Available November 18th from, Amazon, iTunes, and through your local bookseller.
International: Order from your local or online book retailer starting November 18th. Send a photo or .pdf of your receipt by January 18, 2015 to and receive a free The Bones of You eBook bundle.

(Gorgeous artwork by the fabulous CB, btw.)


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