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Or as I like to call it, the Sarlacc pit of writing. Don’t get me wrong, I love research. Love love love. My former life as a burgeoning scientist meant nothing but research. And learning? Who doesn’t love learning! Not this gal! *counts the negatives*

Uh, you know what I mean.

I just often find myself in an inescapable vortex of book after citing after Wikipedia page after online research paper. And man, guhbless Google books online, because that can be a goldmine for research papers that are maybe out of print, or ones you can’t normally access without being an academic or having an in with the author of the published paper as there is only the one copy and it’s on their grandma’s shelf, displayed proudly. (As it should be!)

But my question for you is… Continue reading

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Free For All Friday – Nachos

I was horribly offended (horribly!) by a recent “here were the best nachos of 2014!” on a food blog because a) they weren’t nachos and b) THEY WERE BARELY EVEN FOOD. Look, be vegan if that floats your boat–it’s between you and your lord. But vegan cheese is a corruption of nature, we all know it, you know it, I know it, the good people of this world know it.

I’m not even going to start on the one with tater tots instead of chips.

Me, doing my best "Jen from Appleton"

Me, doing my best “Jen from Appleton” when I saw the tater-tot horror.

We will leave those fools and their abominations, since they deserve each other. But you and I? Come. Let me show you the beautiful simplicity of… the nacho.  Continue reading

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USA Today likes me. They really like me!

Okay, I have no idea if they– as an entity–like me, but I do know that they like my book!

From here:

Thrilled and enthralled that describes my reaction to reading this wonderful debut novel by Laura Stone. Seth and Oliver are high school sweethearts separated by time and distance. In the five years since they were last together, Seth has gone on to become the darling of the New York stage and appeared on a national morning TV show. After seeing his appearance on TV, Oliver decides to go see Seth in his play and just … watch. He isn’t going to talk to Seth, just enjoy his friend’s success from a seat in the theater.

Fate has a different plan, and it leads to bit-by-bit heartbreak as Oliver is torn apart by past anguish and misery of what might have been. Just when you are tearing up over the turn of the story, something happens to bring a smile to your face and a bit of sunshine to the book. I couldn’t put it down. Characters who appear at first to be formulaic turn out to be unique and special. A plot of lost love reunited is instead so much more. The characters are richly developed, even the secondary characters. I’m hoping to see another book that gives them their own stage and story development.

By the time the book ended I was in love with the characters to the point I couldn’t let them go. As many romance novels as I read, it surprised me that I couldn’t predict the conclusion of the story of Seth and Oliver. It was difficult to pick up another book knowing Seth, Oliver, Moira and the others wouldn’t be there. My own life was enriched by this story and these characters. Laura Stone is an author to remember and follow. I highly recommend The Bones of You as a beautifully written book and a story to enjoy.

I hear it fits PERFECTLY in stockings, making my book an excellent stocking stuffer strictly by definition. It can be found here, or at your local indie book shop (just ask them to order it if they don’t have it on the shelf). And never forget that libraries are a great resource for books, too! Much easier on the wallet, if that’s a factor.

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Throwback Thursday – Writing Inspiration

As release week continues along (Hey, I could have thrown us waaay back with a Sid & Marty Kroft reference: “I said LAUNCH not LUNCH,” but I didn’t. And you’re welcome), I thought I’d give your word-reading eyes a rest by showing you pictures–mostly location scouting, but some fantasy casting is under the cut–that I used as points of reference throughout The Bones Of You.

But first… It’s important that you know that in my mind, these were my inspirations for Moira and Dough Face:

Nora Jane Noone, aka Moira Byrne

Nora Jane Noone, aka Moira Byrne

And the fantastic Christopher Hanke as Dough-Face.

And the fantastic Christopher Hanke as Dough-Face. He’s actually super attractive and awesome in real life, so I share this with apologies to Mr. Hanke. ;)










But wait, there’s more! So much more… 

Continue reading

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It’s Here!

[Click here to order from Amazon.com, here for Barnes & Noble, or if you’re international, you can now purchase from your country’s Amazon or B&N! Ask any indie bookseller to get you a copy, if you prefer keeping the little guys open. And as always, check your local library. If they don’t have it, they’ll get it!]

Photo on 11-18-14 at 5.02 PM

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Virtual Book Tour!

Now that my book’s release is upon us, I’m going on a book tour through the cat-clogged tubes that make up the internet–what a time to be alive!

Each day for the next two weeks I’ll be popping in to various websites to answer questions (they know I’m coming; I’m not being a creep), to brace myself for independent reviews, and best of all: promote a Gift Card Giveaway! Every time you follow me on this tour you’ll have a chance to enter on that site’s raffle jar for free eBooks–mine–or a $25 gift card for any book Interlude Press has. FREE. And you just have to click.

Fun fact: every interview and blog post is different, because I don’t want to bore you. I’ll add the link to the day’s interview and/or review to the schedule below when each day’s interview goes up. But I mean, this is me; I’m going to try and keep you laughing and/or interested. And everywhere I go, YOUR QUESTIONS are welcomed! I’ll be checking into each site throughout the day to chat, answer questions (42, the answer is always 42) and walk you through brain surgery. I’M A HELPER, IT’S WHAT I DO.


Mon Nov 17: Sharing Links & Wisdom Snip! Paul Lynde & Jesus are my make believe party pals.
Tues Nov 18: Our Wolves Den Snip! People in my real life end up in my books. Suckers!
Wed Nov 19: Carly’s Book Review Review, plus me chatting about taking chances.
Thur Nov 20: Coffee, Books & Art Snip! Loving, accepting families are the best. Also: testicles.
Fri      Nov 21: Books on Silver Wings Snip! Music–makes the people–come together. [Yeah!]
Mon Nov 24: Wickedly Wanton Tales Snip! I love couples who enhance one another. LOVE.
Tues Nov 25: Prism Book Alliance Snip!: Book of Mormon,The Musical is the best show ever.
Wed Nov 26: Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words Snip! Write what you WANT to know.
Wed Nov 26: Paranormal Romance & Authors Who Rock Fact: I do not! [Review]
Thur Nov 27: The Reading Addict Snip! My most perfect date of all time was inspiration for… :)
Fri     Nov 28: Mad Hoydenish Snip! Fantasy casting–also your last chance to enter my giveaway!

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Throwback Thursday – Soundtrack for TBoY

As we get closer to the release date (Tuesday, November 18th!), I thought I’d go back to how I actually wrote this monster, which was to a specific soundtrack. Am I the only one who does this? I “cast” characters in my head, locations, and then have to layer on a soundtrack like it’s a movie. And then I write. And honestly, this is one of my most favorite soundtracks/playlists that I’ve ever put together. And if you pay attention, the entire story is told here. Spoiler alert? Ha ha.

Reminder that you can pre-order my book from my publisher’s store, from Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble, or ask your friendly Indie book seller to get you a copy (even better, because those come on the pretty cream paper instead of Amazon’s Bright White).  There’s still some time left to enter my Goodreads Giveaway and win a free copy!

And now, some tunes.

(Click for the link, in case the module isn’t working)  Below is the tracklisting, and you should buy all of these albums, for they’re stellar. Continue reading

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Writing Wednesday – When the words won’t come.

I keep forgetting this part...

I got a book idea– number 2! –and then promptly shut down. Now, there are some massive emotional upheavals happening in my life currently (to put it lightly) and it would be easy to push my inability to produce a product off onto that. But there are also times when things are mellow and lovely and the words won’t come, so it’s not fair to just point to this one thing as the cause. In the parlance of the internet, WHAT DO?

I just hit on a realization for myself. We’re all different, we all have our own methods, but here’s what I’ve just figured out about myself.

I’m…I’m a dragon. Continue reading

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Writing Wednesday – Epithets


No, I don’t mean dirty ugly names that you shouldn’t be using anyway– seriously. You shouldn’t be using those. RARE is the time that would ever be okay, even if you have a “bad guy” you’re writing dialog for. SERIOUSLY. CUT THAT OUT OF YOUR STORY–I mean the old school byname epithet:

  • “Rosy-cheeked lass”
  • “Chocolate-orbed boy”
  • “Loose-jawed grandma”
  • “Cinnamon-skinned beautician”
  • “Four-assed beaver”
  • “fish-breathed smaller baker”
  • “fishier-breathed larger baker”

Still not clear? Let’s put them in context for you: Continue reading

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Writing Wednesday – Musical Chairs-Writing Ed.


Listening to music when I’m writing is tricky: too engaging and I can’t focus on making words. I definitely prefer a groove playing in the background of the trippy-lounge variety. If that music mimics a heartbeat… oh, is that the song for me. It gets my brain rolling, but in a creative-energized way, allowing me to multitask my thoughts and (hopefully) get the words on the page.

Lately, I’ve been reliving my navel-gazing New Wave days of my youth after stumbling across an old favorite CD. And since you know how much I love the Pomodoro, I thought I’d put together some mixes for us that are Pomodoro length. It’s like the days of Musical Chairs: write when it plays, stop when it stops. Easy, right? Continue reading

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